Modern Luxury Stone & Tiles

At Ca’ Pietra we believe that tiles can act the part and look it too. Day in, day out, so that you’re guaranteed to always have a spring in your step, because every home deserves to look its best. We design, make and curate tile collections that span the colour-loving to plain and simple, that range from pattern-heavy to pared-back, that are formed from natural stone as well as many other materials. And we serve to help you find your perfect match because the right tiles really do make you fall head over heels. View the website.

Modern Luxury Stone & Tiles


Family-run and fully obsessed with all things stone, tiles, decor, and detail. That’s us down to a tee.

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Our Ca' Pietra stone and tile collections are sold throughout the UK and Europe, from a trusted network of handpicked retailers. If you would like to enquire about selling our statement stone and designer tiles, then we welcome you to apply.

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